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"Be kind, reset your mind"

Our service

  • is confidential
  • offers 51+ minute consultations
  • offers therapy face to face or via telephone or telehealth on request. 
  • Texting is acceptable for booking 

* Clients need to be aware of the possible security limitations of these technologies and discuss with Psychologist alternative options if available

Therapy Information

The psychologist utilises the Cognitive Therapy Model as her preferred treatment for adults and children. Specifically Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)

These Therapies are commonly used in Western countries delivering psychological services. Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis/Dr. Maultsby were the founders of these therapies. The basic premise of CBT is that our thoughts create our feelings and our behaviours not the situation.

Most of us are taught or believe that it is 'other people' and 'events' that cause us to feel 'lousy' or 'upset', but in CBT & REBT/RBT you are taught that this is not the case. Rational thinking is the aim of these 2 models as we learn that our own 'upsetness' is caused by faulty or unhelpful cognitions (thoughts).

Problems such as Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Interpersonal conflict, Parenting difficulties, Post-natal Anxiety & Depression, Pain and Weight problems can be treated successfully with CBT and RBT, REBT.

Referral Procedure & Costs for Services

The psychologist works with individuals, couples, families, children & teens for psychological therapy.

As an individual you can SELF- REFER directly to our service with a fee of $180 for a Standard consult of 51mins. Your private health fund may provide rebates so please check with them what your 'out of pocket' expense will be if you are self referred.

Alternatively your General Practitioner may decide to refer you under a Mental Health Care Plan if you are eligible. This is a Medicare Australia initiative for psychologists delivering Focused Psychological Strategies. Medicare provides the MHCP client with a rebate that partially covers access to a maximum of 20  i.e. 6+4 + 10 extra covid sessions per calendar year in 2021. This service does not bulk bill, so there will be an 'out of pocket' expense after the Medicare rebate is claimed (the amount varies for each client depending on their Medicare threshold) but for most people its approximately 50% out of pocket.  Fees are

subject to change so please check with Psychologist for changes. 

*The Psychologist conducts therapy and does not write medico-legal reports for clients or 3rd party requests.

Your G.P. may suggest you utilise medication in conjunction with psychotherapy so please discuss this with him/her first.

Thank you for considering our service to help improve your psychological well-being. We strongly believe "Psychology today changes tomorrow".     

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