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Good thinking"

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Embrace Kelli's Favourite Quotes

  • "Healthy thinking = healthy life"
  • ''Finding ourselves is about finding our Authenticity first''
  • Its our thoughts that create our change in mood NOT other people or events -CBT principles
  • "Wherever you go, there you are"
  • "Depression is a state of mind not an illness of the mind"
  • "What would you do if you weren't afraid?"
  • "You are not broken nor need to be fixed - you just need to change your thinking habits"
  • "We have to have healthy thought habits before we can change our unhealthy food, drinking or gambling habits"
  • "The bird sitting on a branch is never afraid of the branch breaking because it's trust is never on the branch but always on it's own wings - Believe in yourself and you will fly" - Anon
  • "Anxiety is faulty thinking, not a faulty person, you are not broken"
  • "No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent" - Eleanor Roosevelt
  • "We need a community to move a mountain but it only takes one person brave enough to ask for help to do so"
  • "You need to put your hand up in order for people to know you need help or are feeling vulnerable, no-one can mind read even though we think they can"
  • "Never believe you cannot change your thinking or your life because you are the only one that can!"

Kelli's Tips for good mental health

  • Remind yourself that stress is not all bad, it is actually normal and helpful but too much stress for too long (chronic) can have serious implications on our mind and body's health
  • Not a lot of people realise that FEAR is the real emotion that is behind our anger. Anger (fight) is both an instinctual and learned response when we are afraid. The other response is to flight or withdraw/avoid ( 'run away'). Learning what we are afraid of is our first step in understanding our reactions.
  • Try and only drink when you are really happy, not when you are stressed or sad. Remember alcohol is a depressant and at first it may relax you but it can backfire, especially if overused regularly.
  • If you notice back, chest, neck pain, check with your G.P first but you may be experiencing a symptom of stress, as soon as you stop worrying the pain usually disappears as you relax all that muscle tension in that area of your body. Warm packs whilst sleeping or baths are helpful to relieve it temporarily.
  • People often overuse alcohol, cigs, drugs, food, sleep or gambling to self-soothe, these can be poor or maladaptive coping habits that help us avoid emotions that are uncomfortable. If overused and for too long they can have their own negative side effects. They may provide a short-term gain/relief but tend to have a long term pain/effect, so try to consult a therapist if you are doing this to learn new strategies for coping with stress or your distress.
  • Low mood and sadness is a normal part of life for everyone. But if you experience ongoing low mood that last weeks and you just can't shake it, no matter how hard you try, it may of benefit for you to talk with an experienced Health Professional/Psychologist.
  • People help people. Take a risk and talk to your mate, open up, it might surprise you how easy it is and how accepting they are. This message is for men as well as women. Men need this support as much as women and it is not a WEAKNESS to do so, nor is it weak to be experiencing this emotional distress to begin with.
  • All people at some moment in their life contemplate or question their own mortality. This is normal, don't be afraid of your thoughts as it is part of having a complex human brain. Thoughts can be changed and are usually fleeting if we don't worry about them. It's also useful to know that it may be a message to yourself that you are struggling at present and need some TLC or self care or help solving a life problem. Talk about it with someone, please don't keep it a secret, as again you might be surprised what you get back. Otherwise consult a health professional as they often know what to say to you, how to help, whereas sometimes mates aren't sure.


  • Feel the way you want to feel no matter what -Aldo Pucci
  • How to refuse to make yourself miserable no matter what-Albert Ellis
  • CBT for Dummies
  • Anxiety and Phobia Workbook
  • QUIET: The power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking - S. Cain
  • Uncomfortable Secrets- A children's book that will help prevent childhood sexual abuse - Halfen & Ponce
  • Love is letting go of fear-Gerard Jampolsky
  • The courage to heal : A guide for women survivors of sexual abuse - Bass & Davis
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway - S. Jefferies
  • No more Mr. Nice Guy
  • 40 Toxic ideas that drive you crazy - Lazarus
  • Peterpan syndrome - for men who haven't grow up
  • Wendy Dilemna -For women who mother their men
  • The Ultimate betrayal - The enabling mother, incest and sexual abuse -A. Ricker
  • You and Your Emotions -Dr. Maultsby
  • Help Yourself to Happiness - Dr. Maultsby
  • Coping Better .... Anytime, Anywhere - Dr. Maultsby
  • TOXIC PARENTS -reclaiming your life after your childhood


How to improve your Relationship - Aldo Pucci

Overcoming Depression - Aldo Pucci

How to Tolerate People - Aldo Pucci


Me Depressed, Don't make me Laugh-Spike Milligan/ Monkey Sea productions

Talking with children about mental illness - COPMI (Children of Parents with a Mental Illness)

Diary Dates

World Mental Health Day -October

Psychology Week - November

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